by Gita Savitri Devi


Hai ujian, cepatlah berlalu. Saya udah capek nih belajar mulu dari hari pertama Wintersemester.



I know, I know.. I owe you guys an apology for neglecting my blog. You know, I thought it'd be boring to write stuffs that ain't interesting enough for you to read. But, screw that, right?! I'll write about it anyway.

So, yeah. We're in 2014 now. I'm still the same person I was in the other years before. Like you guys know, I always failed at making any new year's resolution, so I decided not to make one ever again. Nah, I'll be doing that if I see some possibilities to change my life a little bit.
I've been busy preparing for final exams. Apparently they gave us more to study and it sucks! For some uninteresting chapters I used my short-term memory and I read with full of passion AND patient for stuffs I like (zB. Kohlenhydrate, Aromaten, Aminosäuren usw.). Because it always feels good when you can explain things scientifically. It makes me feel a little bit smarter haha!. After finals we're gonna get one whole month of holidays. Maybe I'm gonna spend my time working or traveling with Paul. Although I like to travel, I didn't write it on my bio on any social media (Ouch).
Okay, I'm now gonna tell some things about my social life as well. I'm a "Ketua Departemen Seni & Budaya PPI Berlin 2013/2014" (no, no I'm not that proud. I just like the way it's written. What a very long sentence right?!". So anyways, We're planning to hold a film screening on March and I'm responsible for it. Long story short, we wanted to have a different concept, so our event is different than any others. Because so far IMHO they were always cheesy, as if the people who organized it only got one day to prepare. So, because it's my department, and because it's me, I wanna make this small event perfect. You know, you always have to maximize what you have. It doesn't mean that you can't "make over" small room you got there, right? I'm that perfectionist, FYI.

Okay, now what else?
Ah.. You might wanna skip this part, because it's gonna be only me complaining about how stupid people on the internet can be. So, I follow an online shop on Instagram. They got some cute stuffs there I have to say, but not that thing I'm gonna tell you. Everytime they uploaded something, they always had complete information about that product, how to buy it, the brand, price, everything. And you know what I always saw? Some moron freaking lazy girls who maybe can't read or don't wanna waste their 10 seconds to read the freaking caption, asking about questions that I still can't believe they were asking that. Simple questions like "Gimana cara belinya?", "Ini brand nya apa?", "Ukurannya apa?". Like seriously people? Seriously? I need to move to other planet.

I think I'm gonna stop right here. Have a lovely weekend.
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