by Gita Savitri Devi


It Was Friday!

After suffering with a super-torturing headache last night, i finally got better. I slept at 8 pm because I couldn't stand anymore. I tried to throw up and even tried to do salto and stuffs (yeah I know that was silly) . Obviously it didn't give any impact, but made my headache even worse.

It all started at the end of my class, i didn't feel good. And I told my friend over and over again that I was sick and felt like my head was being hit by a hammer. Thank God I finished my assignment earlier so I could go home before 3.30.
I took a train as usual, and again it was getting worse and worse. Finally I arrived home and lay down on my bed. I couldn't even pray because I was too dizzy. Ray told me to go online on Skype, he missed me, I think haha. After talking and talking and talking about some serious conversations (Rare to happen, usually we're just foolin' around like a silly couple. We're silly. You guys know that.). And that hit by hammer feeling suddenly came again. Then Kipli asked to join our conversation and we talked about some stuffs. And finally this headache couldn't be tolerated. So I told them I had to go to bed.

And now.. Yes now. It's 10 am. My mom asked me what I wanna do today. She knows it's saturday, I should go somewhere. But I wanna stay at home and study. I've planned it since 2 days ago, but now I'm not even starting yet. Fuck u procrastination.
Anyways, I did blogwalking and found a pretty cool website, it's not cool at all. I'm just interested in it. You guys should check it out, if u wanna know yourself.
So I gave my full name and my DOB. And it turned like this :

I know. You guys are thinking "Ahh.. That's so lame!". But who cares? Hahaha. When you have nothing to do, or procrastinate some works, you do/search lame things on the internet :p

Okay stop blogging. I'm trying to study now. Bye!

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