by Gita Savitri Devi


i want my happiness back.
i want my life back.
please don't take my freedom again, don't take all the laughter again.
leave me, leave me alone.
i don't want you back.
no, i won't give you any permission to walk into my life again.
enough with the drama, because i'm sick of it.
enough is enough.

please, sir. just don't.
i'm scared, cause you're scary.
you're a monster.
no, no. i threw the memories away.
i can't, i won't pick them up.
they're gone, they're ashes now, they're gone with the wind.

i closed the door of that hell.
yes, it was hell.
where you were the only satan inside it
and you gave me that fake heaven.

please stop. don't drag me to that hole again.
please, i'm terrified.

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