by Gita Savitri Devi


Just About Me Yesterday

Yesterday I studied at the library at 12 until 5. From home I brought my camera with me, because I've planned to go to Friedrichstrasse to take some pictures. You know, it's winter and what I love about winter in Germany is there are lights everywhere. The streets are decorated, Christmas market, people wearing winter coat, and the most important thing is snow. I love snow. It puts me in the good mood. People are somehow calmer and I like it. But in rush hour there are still gonna be hecticness going on. Germans somehow cannot relax. I'm not finding the reason yet.
Anyways, yeah lights. I love lights. Especially in the night. They're really beautiful. I live near schloss charlottenburg and there's a christmas market there. Every time I went home, I saw lights with different colors and it made me smile. It's so romantic.

Hmm... Recently I listened to lots of indonesian songs on the radio. I found it relaxing hearing someone talking in your mother tounge when you're far away from home. What I realized is indonesian songs are now somehow changed. The way they're written now is different than the past. I don't say that it's a good thing. Because if you pay attention to the lyrics, you'll find that it's so cheesy. They're using words that are informal and it loses the meaning of the song itself. This is a lil bit disappointing. Even Kahitna, they're well-known for their romantic and sweet songs. Not only the notes but also the lyrics. But you know what? Kahitna in 2012 wrote a song called "Galau". Galau in my opinion is not even a word. You can't find it in a dictionary. Do the labels now only care about how much money they'll make from these cheesy and crappy music? Where are the people who usually made beautifully-written songs hiding?
2012, you're strange enough now for me.


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