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Another weekend! My friends Winna, Elline, and I decided to hang out together. We've talked about cafes and other cool places in Berlin before, but apparently I was the one who knows more :-P
Yesterday I took them to my favorite places : Berlin Mitte. There's so many cafes and stores there. We didn't even realize that we've been like 3 hours unterwegs.
First place to visit is Yoli. I've mentioned it before that Yoli is a fro-yo. The store is small and nice :-)

For one fro-yo basic, we had to pay 2.90,- Euro and pay another 0.30,- Euro for each topping. I picked marshmallow topping as my favorite. It tasted so good and rich. Not like other fro-yos in Jakarta. Nomnomnomnomnomnomnom.

After Yoli, we went to Mauerparkt. But unfortunately the market was closed cause it was saturday. Soooo... We changed our plan. Our next place to go : Kauf Dich Glücklich. I could eat waffles here like once a week I guess. Alone or with friends is not important. I just want WAFFLES!!

We are so asian x) 

No, it wasn't over. I still have some stories! So in Friday I've checked on the internet if there was any mexican cafe in Berlin. Obviously there was : Dolores. I was curious and yes yes yes, we went there.
After searching with a map, we finally found the building. What a coincidence, we met our classmate, Thomas. He comes from Argentina and works as part-timer there. Burrito was our choice for naschen. But we was wrong, the burrito was big. Like a bear portion.

 Didn't I mention that I love to make weird faces every time I took pictures?

Before went home, we went to Aus Berlin. It was a store full of Berlin stuffs. Total geil :-)
Winna and I bought a canvas bag for 15,- Euro each. We were sick of bringing backpack to school haha.
Here's mine :

So yeah, that's all for today. I'm hoping you enjoy my story, although it's maybe-boring-for-you. But who cares? I enjoyed it.

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  1. wit de freezing temperature there, wil yoghurt freeze by itself?or u stil neeed a fridge?


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