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  1. Halo gita, I should call you 'Kak'. But anyway it sounds like you are really older. Since 2015 the first time i saw your video and your blog. Many things I got after watching seriously what you've shared to me. Nowadays, one thing i could not be patient to wait is to read your book. Is that novel or idiotic gita's stories? Well dont take it personal git. I do love writing anything in whole life I made through. Once again git, while Watching your vlogs i was in Kampung Inggris,pare ,kediri, east java. i was on my very struggle to accomplish my ability in english going to study abroad. I do say in myself i would be the same gita reached now, then here I am. I am in far away Ming Dynasty Palace, lol Shanghai, China. Git, anyway this is not my google account commenting here, it is actually my friends account. I need your real sincere writing on my first gita's book. Thanks git. Last not least, i dare you to learn chinese git, it is bloody good to be understable. Seandainya .......


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